Correspondence Unit


The Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) is comprised of more than 35 entities that license and regulate more than 2 million Californians in over 180 different professions; including doctors, dentists, contractors and auto-repair technicians. DCA entities have authority to handle complaints against those businesses or professionals licensed by DCA, enforce laws and regulations governing those professions, and discipline violators.

However, DCA can still help if your complaint falls outside of our regulatory authority. Our Correspondence Unit (CRU) receives and reviews consumer complaints regarding a wide variety of issues that are either unregulated in California or regulated by other state or federal agencies. The CRU will work with you to resolve your complaint through mediation efforts, if possible, provide helpful information to help you make informed decisions in the marketplace, and refer complaints to the appropriate state or federal agency, when applicable.

In addition, the CRU reviews complaints received from the public regarding services provided by a DCA board, committee, commission, bureau, program, or division. The CRU conducts independent inquiries and reports the findings to the DCA Director. The CRU helps to ensure that DCA provides fair and equitable services to California consumers, licensees, and applicants.

How to File a Complaint

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