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Pending Accusations

This list contains names of licensees for which accusations have been filed. An accusation is a formal document that charges violation(s) of the California Accountancy Act and/or California Board of Accountancy regulations by a licensee. The charges in the accusation are allegations. Allegations are not a final determination of wrongdoing and are subject to adjudication and final review by the CBA pursuant to the Administrative Procedure Act ((Chapter 3.5 (commencing with Section 11340) of Part 1 of Division 3 of Title 2 of the Government Code)).

For more information, a copy of the pending accusation against a particular licensee is available.

Alderson, Jessica A., A.K.A. Jessica A. Blegen CPA 118992
Allan Rosenthal & Associates Accountancy Corp. COR 2863
Angelo Accountancy CPA Inc. COR 7211
Benadon, Jacob CPA 24099
Bennett, Wayne William CPA 30792
Bogakos, George Nicholas CPA 44475
Campbell, Jr., Marshall C. CPA 65889
Carleton, Robert Henry CPA 28051
Corson, Elisabeth Adele CPA 83597
Dennis D. Diver & Assoc., CPAs FNP 1175
Diver, Dennis Duane CPA 21362
Doyle, Vincent J. CPA 58591
Early, Robert Patrick CPA 92666
Grassano, Jr, Mario Ulysses CPA 76503
Gridiron, Jr. , Donald Richard CPA 55635
Harris, Cindy J. CPA 43312
Horn, Jack Irwin CPA 30748
JM Smith FNP 2718
J. Tiger Consulting FNP 2374
Kastner, Gerald J. CPA 10670
Kilian, Michael Jeppson CPA 48414
Kilian & Co. CPAs A Prof Corp COR 4474
Kim, Young Shin CPA 81835
Klein Mandelblatt & Company LLP PAR 5764
Lederman, Zeidler, Gray & Co. CPA's, LLP PAR 5364
Lumsey, Andre Gordon CPA 45241
McDonell, Mary Lee Veronica, AKA Mary Lee Veronica Ross CPA 51690
Monroe Smith Advisors FNP 2929
Neeka Accountancy Corp. COR 5384
Neil, Steven M. CPA 26670
Nguyen, Michael Quan Le CPA 76615
Nitta, Thomas Akio CPA 29521
OUM & Co. LLP PAR 4393
Puffer, Robert Neil CPA 48522
Pybrum, Steven Mark CPA 31088
Pybrum & Company, LLP PAR 7514
Ramanan, Subramaniam Easwara CPA 83591
Ronald Foster Tempek d.b.a. Stempek Associates, CPA FNP 1767
Rosenthal, Allan H. CPA 21708
Sam Walker CPA, Inc. COR 6638
Sapiandante, Joselito Custodio CPA 82954
Sapiandante and Chung PAR 7114
Sapiandante and Sundiang PAR 7398
Smith, Jason M. CPA 101208
Smith, Kevin D. Practice Privilege
Stempek, Ronald Foster CPA 17863
Takahashi, Christopher Satoshi CPA 59017
Takahashi Accountancy Corp COR 2206
Walker, Sam CPA 100890
Wen, Sue Jen CPA 63196
Williams, Owen Mark CPA 53156
Woodhull, Daniel E. CPA 32343
Yang, Hyunkoo Sean CPA 71316
Yoshida, Akiyo CPA 64454