Planning Committee

In April 2018, the Department of Consumer Affairs convened the Assembly Bill (AB) 2105 Planning Committee (Committee) of individuals representing government, employers, education, and labor and charged it with the following:

To provide technical assistance and guidance to the department in its overall coordination of the implementation of Assembly Bill 2105.

  • Identify high-demand health occupations that are also areas of high-opportunity for the development of pilot earn and learn training programs;
  • Recommend DCA and sub-committee priorities and timelines;
  • Coordinate activities across all subcommittees to ensure that all issues are consistently addressed, and goals are being met;
  • Address barriers identified through the stakeholder process, develop and document recommendations and strategies to remove barriers utilizing the agreed upon rubric format; and
  • Review and provide feedback on project deliverables.

Committee Participants:

Dean R. Grafilo, Director, Department of Consumer Affairs

Annie Carney, Marketing and Outreach Director, Health Professions Education Foundation, Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development
Brenda Fong, Specialist, California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office
Brian Clifford, Senior Planning and Implementation Manager, Department of Consumer Affairs
Cathy Martin, Vice President, Workforce Policy, California Hospital Association
Chris Shultz, Chief Deputy Director, Department of Consumer Affairs
Christina Hicks, Deputy Director Program Development & Evaluation, California Primary Care Association
Don Merrill, Area Administrator, Division of Apprenticeship Standards
Eric Elberg, Staff Services Manager II, Division of Apprenticeship Standards
Gonzalo Perez, Chief, Radiologic Health Branch
Heather Martin, Executive Officer, Board of Occupational Therapy
Hellan Roth Dowden, CEO, HR Dowden & Associates
Dr. Jeffrey Mrizek, Dean, California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office
John Cordova, Sector Navigator Health, California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office
Dr. Joseph Morris, Executive Officer, Board of Registered Nursing
Linda Zorn, Senior Lead Health Sector Workforce Development Upskill California and Executive Director Economic and Workforce Development, Butte College
Matt Lege, Government Relations Advocate, SEIU-UHW
Marilyn Cantrell, Senior Health Physicist, Radiologic Health Branch Certification Unit (X-Ray Schools), Department of Public Health
Paul DeHerrera, Manager, Professional Certification Branch, Licensing Certification Program, Department of Public Health

Alana Bui, Workforce Development and Policy Coordinator, Department of Consumer Affairs
Jasmeen Karan, Associate Governmental Program Analyst, Division of Apprenticeship Standards