Beginning October 2018, the Committee will convene subcommittees to address the following focus areas:

The common charge, objective, and scope are detailed below.

CHARGE: In efforts to expand job training and employment for allied health professions, the subcommittees shall seek to develop pilot earn and learn programs in the allied health professions that have been determined by the planning committee to be areas of high-demand and of high-opportunity by utilizing the developed ‘Pilot Program Development Process’.

OBJECTIVE: Through this process, the subcommittees will identify and document barriers; develop recommendations including identifying policy opportunities; document processes and funding sources in order to develop a framework (best practices) for the development and implementation of earn and learn training programs.

SCOPE: The sub-committees will explore and address the following:

  • Identify earn and learn opportunities within the target profession.
  • Seek input of relevant stakeholders.
  • Explore pre-licensure classifications that would allow students, in a supervised setting, to gain experience and the payment of wages in a workplace-based training program prior to obtaining licensure.
  • Address the barriers identified in the AB 1797 report, Expanding Earn and Learn Models in the California Health Care Industry, by:
    • Developing recommendations
    • Identifying policy opportunities
  • Document processes, barriers, and recommendations utilizing the rubric format.
  • Identify bridge opportunities with K-12 and post-secondary educational institutions.
  • Explore possible career pathways that balance career mobility with timeframes for program completion (e.g. stackable credentials, condensing curriculum)
  • Develop framework for the development and implementation of additional earn and learn programs. (example below)


BSN ► Nurse Specialty

  • Explore and develop recommendations to address fieldwork site shortages.
  • Identify funding sources.
  • Develop a framework (best practices) for the development and implementation of earn and learn training programs in the target profession.
  • Identify data and research materials that would demonstrate value of earn and learn training programs in target professions.
  • Coordinate activities with other sub-committees where common issues /opportunities exist.
  • Provide regular updates and make recommendations to the planning committee.