Professional Athlete:

Professional Athlete Application Instructions
Application For Professional Athlete – BOXING
Application For Professional Athlete - MIXED MARTIAL ARTS
Application For Professional Athlete – KICKBOXING
Pro-Debut Participant Information Sheet
National ID Card Application - Mixed Martial Arts
Professional Boxer’s Identification Card Application

Amateur Athlete:

California Amateur Mixed Martial Arts (CAMO)
USA Boxing
United States Fight League (USFL)
International Kickboxing Muay Thai Federation California (IKF)

**Fingerprinting/Livescan Forms (Required for Promoter, Matchmaker, Assistant Matchmaker and Manager License)

LiveScan Information
Manager – Request for Livescan Service 8016
Matchmaker – Request for Livescan Service 8016
Promoter – Request for Livescan Service 8016


Promoter Application Instructions
Promoter New Application
Promoter Renewal Application
Corporate Officer Information
Promoter's Bond
Assignment of Savings


Manager, Second, Matchmaker Application
Professional Trainer Application

Other Applicants

Referee/Judge/Timekeeper Application
Referee Annual Physical Examination
Referee Pre-Fight Physical Examination
Ringside Physician New Application
Ringside Physician Renewal Application
Addendum to Ringside Physician Application
Request to be An Approved Event Ticket Printer

Athlete Medical Forms

Professional Athlete

Professional Athlete Physical Examination Mixed Martial Arts
Professional Athlete Physical Examination Boxing
Professional Athlete Physical Examination Kickboxing
Ophthalmologic Examination
Neurological Examination
MRI Review Summary (Image sequences must include the GRE)
Cardiovascular History

Event Forms

Sanctioning Body Disclosure Form
Request to Hold Event
Proposed Bout Card

Pension Forms

Withholding Certificate for Pension or Annuity Payments (W4-P Form)
Professional Boxers' Pension Plan Enrollment Form
Pension Plan Policy for Distribution
Pension Plan Instructions
Pension Plan Checklist
Pension Request Form
Pension Request Form (Spanish)
Pension Instructions (Spanish)