Business and Professions Code

General Provisions
§ 7.5.
Conviction of a Crime.
§ 10.
Authority Delegated.
§ 12.5.
Citation Issuance for Violation of Regulation.
§ 14.1.
Gender Amendment.
§ 19.
"Shall" - "May."
§ 22.
§ 23.6.
quot;Appointing Power."
§ 23.7.
§ 23.8.
§ 29.5.
Licensure Applicants Must Comply With Support Orders.
§ 30.
Federal Employer Identification Number or Social Security Number Required of Licensee.
§ 31.
Noncompliance With Support Orders or Judgments- Effect on Registration and Licensing of Businesses.
Division 1.
Chapter 1. Department of Consumer Affairs, The Department
§ 101.6.
Purpose of Boards, Bureaus, and Commissions.
§ 103.
Compensation, Reimbursement for Expenses.
§ 105.5.
Duration of Appointment to Fill Vacancy.
§ 106.
Board Members-Removal.
§ 106.5.
Removal of Board Members; Disclosure of Examination Questions; Law Governing.
§ 107.
Appointment of Executive Officer
§ 108.
Functions of Boards.
§ 109.
Finality of Decisions.
§ 118.
Withdrawal of Application for License; Suspension, Expiration or Forfeiture of License; Authority of Board.
§ 119.
License Offenses.
§ 122.
Copies of Licensure; Fees.
§ 125.5.
Violation Injunction-Restitution Order.
§ 125.7.
Restraining Orders.
§ 125.8.
Restraining Order-Notice, Accusation.
§ 141.
Effect of Disciplinary Action Taken by Another State or the Federal Government.
Division 1.
Chapter 6. Department of Consumer Affairs, Public Members
§ 450.
§ 450.3.
Financial Interest in Organization Subject to Regulation.
§ 450.4.
Expert Public Member.
§ 450.5.
Qualifications; Conflicting Pursuits.
§ 450.6.
Age Requirement.
§ 451.
Age Requirement.
§ 452.
Board Defined.


Article 1. Administration
Boxing Act.
Legislative Authority.
Membership on State Athletic Commission.
Authority to Remove Members.
Quorum - Majority Vote.
Election of Chairperson.
Designation as a Board.
Adoption of Rules and Regulations.
Executive Officer.
Inspectors' Clinic and Training.
Report on Promoter Assessments.
Article 2. General Provisions
Terms Defined.
"Club" - "Promoter."
Definition of Participants.
"Contest" - "Match."
"Martial Arts," "Kickboxing," "Full Contact," "Light Contact," "Noncontact."
"School, College, or University."
"Proprietary Interest."
"License" "Permit."
Article 3. Jurisdiction, Licenses, And Exemptions
Jurisdiction of Commission.
Necessity for Licenses for Named Persons and Entities.
Necessity of License for Persons Named in Section.
Necessity to Demonstrate Ability to Perform Prior to Licensure.
Advisory Committee on Medical and Safety Standards-Members - Meetings - Term.
Amateur Boxing, Wrestling and Full Contact Martial Arts Contests.
Standards for Licensure.
Jurisdiction, Licenses, and Exemptions.
License Required by Professional Boxers' Training Gymnasiums - Application and Fee.
Necessity to Report an Injury or Knockout of Professional Boxer.
No Chapter Applicability to Contests Under Federal Government Control.
Inapplicability to Contests by or for Schools, Colleges, Universities.
Article 4. Applications
Contents of License Application - Fee.
Review and Investigations of Application and Appeal From Denial.
Appearance Before Commission by Applicant.
Application Contents - Financial Information and Signatures Required.
Required Commission Approval on Change of Personnel by Promoter.
Real Party in Interest Requirement.
Co-Promotions - Regulations.
Application for Manager's License - Required Statement and Signatures.
Changes in Personnel Connected with Managing - Written Notification to Commission.
Temporary Permits.
Article 5. Bonds
Bond Required Prior to Issuance of Club License for Professional Contest or Match.
Bond Requirement Prior to Issuance of Club License for Amateur Contest or Match.
Bond Guarantees.
Bond Equivalents.
Article 7. Regulation Of Contests
Safety Regulation Compliance for Structures.
Throwing Objects; Posting of Notice.
Minimum Age for Participants.
Prohibition Against Sale of Tickets at More Than Indicated on Ticket.
Licensed Physician Approved by Commission in Attendance at Contest - Fee Schedule.
Adoption of Regulations.
Physician's Examination; Report.
Authority of Physician to Stop Match.
Ordering of Special Medical Examination - Commissioner Discretion.
Mandatory Examination by Specialist in Neurology or Neurosurgery.
Licensure - Test to Detect HIV Antibodies or HBV Antigen.
Calling Meetings of Licensed Physicians and Surgeons as Necessary-Expenses.
Limit of Number of Rounds in Boxing Contest-Required Rest.
Frequency of Participation in Contests.
Specification for Boxing Gloves.
Specifications for Boxing Ring Floor.
Commission Discretion to Establish Other Safety Specifications.
Weight and Classes of Contestants.
Referees' Duties to Direct and Control at Match.
Physicians and Referees Obliged to Participate in Commission Sponsored Clinics.
Appointment of and Duties of Chief Second at Contest.
Grounds for Mandatory Stopping of Contest.
Functions of Scoring Officials and Referees - Use of Judges.
Rights, Immunities of Referees and Other Officials.
Prohibition Against Rabbit or Kidney Punches - Determination of Use - Consequences.
Exemption, If Required for Championship Contest - Use of Alternate Provisions - Safety and Welfare Protection.
Article 8. Amateur Boxing
Qualifying for Appearance in Amateur Boxing Contest.
Limitation of Awards.
No Payment to Amateur Boxing Coach, Trainer, or Manager-Expenses Allowed.
Use of Bandages on Hands - Specific Limitations.
Duration of Boxing Rounds.
Grounds for Stopping Amateur Contest - Assistance of Other in Stopping Contest.
Vaudeville Shows, Dances, Entertainment in Conjunction with Amateur Contest.
Article 9. Martial Arts
Distinguishing Use of Terms in Article.
Rules and Regulations.
Commission Regulation in Accordance with Section 18640.
Length and Duration of Contests - Use of Protective Gear.
Protective Headgear - Mandatory for Contestants Under 18.
Inapplicability of Chapter to Noncontract Contests.
Commission Acting as Sanctioning or Title Granting Body - Prohibition.
Advisory Committee - Membership.
Article 10. Wrestling Exhibitions
Enacted 1985. Repealed 1989 ch. 757.
Article 12. Revenue and Fiscal Affairs
General Fund; Special Accounts.
Salaries and Expenses.
Applicability of Laws of State Governing Fiscal Matters of Agencies.
Promoter's Fee.
Amateur Promoter's Fee.
Matchmaker's Fee.
Assistant Boxing, Kickboxing, Martial Arts Matchmaker License Fee.
Booking Agent's License Fee.
Professional Boxer, Kickboxer, or Martial Arts Fighter License Fee.
Manager's License Fee - Boxing, Kickboxing, Martial Arts.
Trainer's, Second's Fee.
Professional Referee's, Judge's Fee.
Amateur Referee's, Judge's Fee.
Timekeeper's License Application and Renewal Fee.
Sparring Permit Fee.
Professional Boxers’ Training Gymnasium License Fee.
Simultaneous Telecast Permit Fee.
Federal Identification Card Fee.
Renewal Time - Expiration Date.
Report of Tickets Issued and Sold - Gross Receipts - Gross Price Charged for Broadcast and Television Rights - Tax on Admission.
Commission Representative Assistance in Counting and Reporting Gross Receipts and Taxes Collected.
Authority to Examine Records.
Action; Delinquent Financial Reports.
Contract to sanction, supervise, or provide other services for contests.
Article 13. Closed Circuit Telecast Revenue
"Person" - "Closed Circuit Telecast."
Grounds for Denial of Permit to Charge or Receive Admission for Exhibiting Simultaneous Telecast of Contest or Exhibition.
Reporting Ticket and Subscription Gates - Admission Tax.
Designated Representative Present at Computation of Tickets Issued and Gross Receipts.
Action; Failure to Report; Authority to Examine Records.
Court Action to Collect Tax, Fines, Attorney's Fees.
Refusal to Issue Permit as Consequence of Default in Tax Payment. 25
Exemption; Cable Television.
Article 14. Administrative Enforcement
Granting an Unrestricted License - Rationale.
Authority for Disciplinary Action; Judicial Review.
Temporary Suspension of License - Hearing.
Fines for Violations - Hearing.
Revocation or Suspension of License for Failure to Pay Fine - Court Action.
Commission Issuance of Subpoenas, Administration of Oaths - Contempt.
Subpoenas, Oaths.
Subpoena Disobedience; Contempt.
Disciplinary Action Against Promoter or Matchmaker Managing a Boxer, Martial Arts Fighter.
Promoter Interest in Boxer; Prior Approval.
Revocation of License for Participation in Contest While Suspended - Effect of Aiding and Abetting by License.
Maintenance of Experience and Receipts Record by Manager of Boxer or Martial Arts Fighter.
Advance Payment to Fighters Limited to Necessary Expenses.
Payments in Presence of Commission Representative.
Failure to Enforce Act by Official - Disciplinary Action.
Withholding of Purse; Hearing; Disposition.
Withholding of Purses; Statement of Expenses.
Aiding or Abetting Sham Action–Consequence.
Criminal History Review–Fingerprinting.
Withholding of Purse; Hearing; Disposition.
Article 15. Crimes and Penalties
Holding or Aiding and Abetting in Holding Contest, Match, Exhibition Without a License or Permit.
Violation - Participation After Stop Order.
Violation - Destruction of Ticket Stubs.
Violation - Throwing Objects at Ring.
Violation Against Chapter - Misdemeanor.
Article 16. Boxer Benefits
Legislative Findings, Declarations.
Establishment of Pension Plan-Schedule of Contributions-Considerations to Be Weighed.
Schedule of Payment Times for Promoters-Boxers-Pension Account- Investment of Funds.
Additional Amount Added to Admission Ticket - Purpose Indicated.
Medical Early Retirement Benefit.