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Welcome to the California Department of Consumer Affairs

(800) 952-5210

The Department of Consumers Affairs (DCA) administers more than 3.9 million licenses in more than 280 license types including certificates, registrations and permits, from architects to accountants, dentists to veterinarians. DCA protects and serves consumers in many ways:

  • DCA is a licensing entity – Through its licensing entities, DCA licenses more than 3.6 million professionals and enables consumers to check the license status of these professionals online or by phone.
  • DCA is a regulator – DCA investigates consumer complaints on issues under its jurisdiction. If violations are found, license holders can face discipline that includes probation, suspension or revocation of a license, fines and citations, letters of reprimand, or cease and desist orders.
  • DCA is an educator – DCA educates consumers by giving them information they need to avoid being victimized by unscrupulous or unqualified people who promote deceptive or unsafe services.
Coronavirus Update


October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month (NDEAM), a national campaign that raises awareness about disability employment issues. It celebrates the many and varied contributions of America's workers with disabilities and reminds employers of the importance of inclusive hiring practices.

At the Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA), we’re committed not only to hiring but to retaining a diverse workforce free from discrimination. This year, in celebration of the 75th observance of NDEAM and the 30th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Department of Consumer Affairs’ Disability Advisory Committee is hosting a virtual art display of NDEAM posters. Click here to see the gallery and to learn more about NDEAM: https://thedcapage.blog/2020/10/14/october-is-national-disability-employment-awareness-month-2/

Attention Licensees: The Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) has learned of an attempted fraud scheme aimed at licensees of DCA’s boards and bureaus. In the scheme, scam artists identify themselves as DCA/board/bureau staff members or investigators and notify the licensee that they are under investigation, that their license may be suspended, or that an arrest warrant has been issued in the licensee’s name, and then they will demand money. Read the scam alert and learn the precautions you should take to avoid becoming a victim.

Power Outage and Fire Recovery Resources Website

Governor Gavin Newsom announced the launch of a new state website with tools and resources for Californians who have been impacted by the wildfires and utility-directed power shutoffs. The website combines emergency response and recovery information into a single place for easy access for users. It is a one-stop portal that includes information on local and state resources, health services, shelters and housing, preparedness and more. Visit www.response.ca.gov

Information for Military Personnel & Their Spouses/Domestic Partners